School Activities whether Curricular or Extra Curricular have a vital part to play in the personal and social development of pupils and the school tries to provide as many opportunities as possible in a variety of situations. Each Friday afternoon, all pupils take part in an extended period of Activities which can range from Golf and many other sports in summer to Drama, Music, Model Making and Young Enterprise during the winter. Some activities such as Badminton, Wood and Metalwork etc are year round choices.

Pupils have the opportunity to change activities at least four times during the session and the opportunity for pupils from different year groups to meet each other and staff in structured yet informal situations is very valuable.

Friday Activities January - March 2015

These are the activities currently available to pupils in the school.

Activity Teacher(s) Venue Comment
Boys Outdoor Football Mr Walmsley and Mr Walker Outside Pitches Participants will be divided into 2 teams or 4 depending on numbers.  Remember Orkney weather is unpredictable so make it your business to come properly prepared for any conditions of poor weather
Boys Rugby Mr Troxler Outside Pitches End the week with some fun training to develop your rugby skills in preparation for future games against KGS and schools from Caithness
Colour Wars Mr Beesley and S5 Volunteers Games Hall S1 - S3 Pupils COLOUR WARS! Fun Team v Team tournaments in which mixed year group teams pit their wits against one another to compete in various FUN activities such as capture the flag, dodgeball, rounders as well as obstacle courses, team building challenges and many more to see who can become the COLOUR WAR champions.  Each team will be coached and captained by our fantastic 5th year mentors to ensure your team has the best chance of becomming a well-oiled team-machine and to claim as many prizes as you can! There may even be a chance to meet and work with a Commonwealth Games Judo CHAMPION as a reward for hard work, showing enthusiasm and having FUN!
Dance Mrs Manson and Y Dance Girls Dinning Hall A chance to try out a variety of dance styles, street, African, Modern, Bollywod …… and then create!
Fitness Suite Mr Berry   Fitness Suite S3 - S6.  Finish off the week in the Fitness Suite improving your strength and general fitness.
Girls Football Ms Coward Outside Pitches S1 - S3.  Participants will be divided into 2 teams or 4 depending on numbers.  Remember Orkney weather is unpredictable so make it your business to come properly prepared for any conditions of poor weather.
Racketball Michael Swanney and Mrs Houston Stromness Squash Courts S1 - S3 Play the ball off the back and side walls as well as one directly in front of you, learn new strokes, bluff your partner and amaze yourself at what you can do and how quickly you develop as a player! Suitable for girls and boys
Volleyball Mrs Warnock Gym Hall S4 - S6 Only. Have fun at the end of the week playing 4v4 and 6v6 games and practise your skills
Amnesty International UK Youth Group Miss Murray and Miss Taylor Miss Murray's Room Organise a tea party "(amnesTEA") for your school community to raise money for human rights.  All donations raised from the AmnesTEA will support the work of Amnesty International to continue to fight human rights injustices throughout the world.
Art and Design Mrs Johnstone Art Dept Pupils can work independently or with others to create their own art and design work.  This is not a teacher led activity as pupils can and should set their own projects, activities or pieces of work.  A variety of materials will be available if needed, pupils can use this time to catch up with art coursework
Art Study Mrs Firth Art Dept S3 - S6 Art pupils only.  Pupils will choose to work on course work which they feel needs extra time.  They will work in a more relaxed atmosphere, and can request teacher support when they feel it is required
Boiled Sweeties Ingrid Hutchison HE Dept We will be making toffee, fudge, boiled sweeties, puff candy, peanut brittle and lots more.  This will cost no more than £1 per week and you can take home your sweeties.  Please wear long sleeves as we will be working with very hot sugar.
Computing Supported Study Mr Sinclair Mr Sinclair's Room Open to S4 - S6 Computing students who wish to catch up on work, work on coursework or extend their programming knowledge and get individual help as needed.
COPFS Schools Public Speaking Ms Grieve Ms Grieve's Room S2 Only.  Preparing for the Crown office and Procurator Fiscal Service Debate 2015.
Dungeons and Dragons Mrs Sinclair The Library This is a continuation activity for existing participants of the games currently running.  Continuing the Dungeons and Dragons quest started last term - take on the role of an adventurer battling monsters, solving puzzles and avoiding traps whilst working as a team.  Those with good experience of the game may be required to take on the role of Dungeon Master and help run games.
Eco Schools Miss Ferguson Support Base Come along for fun activities and help  contribute with ideas and hands on projects to improve Stromness Academy's eco credentials and to help achieve the Eco Schools Scotland Green Flag Award. 
English Study Mrs Hunter Mrs Hunters Room For S4 - S6 pupils.  A chance to check understanding, get help, work on folios, dissertations etc.
Fifa 14 League Mr Grieve Mr Grieve's Room Fancy putting your FIFA skills to the test?  This will be an ongoing league where you will play each other and one will be crowned champion at the end.
Georgaphy Supported Study Mr Harnden Mr Harnden's Room S3 - S6 a chance to catch up with work,  prepare for exams/projects and get help if needed.
Grade 5 Music Mr Brown Music Dept. Please speak to Mr Brown before choosing this activity.  An opportunity for pupils to work on SQA or ABRSM theory with teacher support.  Any level welcome.  
History Model Making Mr Shearer Mr Shearer's Room Make models and find out the history of a car, ship, plane, castle, historical weapon, in fact anything you like.  Any materials whether that be Airfix Kits, wood or cardboard are fine.  Materials, kits and relevant tools must be brought from home.  Find the story behind the model, then make it. 20
History Supported Study Mr Shearer Mr Shearer's Room An opportunity for senior pupils to prepare for exams and get assistabnce from a teacher if needed.
Japanese Language and Culture Yuka Johnston Ruta Noreika Mr Lawson Spare English Room Continuation activity.  Come along and take up this exciting opportunity to learn about the culture and language of Japan.
Magic the Gathering/Board Games Mrs Sinclair The Library Continue the Magic the Gathering card game. Set up your own tournaments or league or just have relaxed fun games. Experienced players should take a lead in teaching beginners. MtG decks available for loan to use in the library. Other RPG and board games available to play as well.
Maths Study for Higher/Advanced Higher Mrs Mowat Mrs Mowat's room A chance to catch up with work, prepare for exams or just get some extra help.
Modern Languages Study Mrs Wailoo Mrs Wailoo's Room Would you like the opportunity to catch up on work, or maybe have extra practice in Listening and Talking in that case….wir sehen uns am Freitag!
Pipe Band John McCaig, Ishbel Robertson, Lybia Bailey, Kenny Peace, Shannon McCaig The Theatre The aim of the activity is to teach and promote the playing of Highland Bagpipes and the accompanying Drums leading to the possibility of forming a school pipe band.
Science Study Mrs McMillan Mrs Mcmillan's Lab S4 - S6 pupils.  A chance for pupils to catch up, prepare revision materials, redraft practical reports or do whatever is required to improve on your current grade.
Sewing Projects Miss Knox HE Dept Develop practical sewing skills to produce items such as skirts, tops, bags, or other items for your bedroom.
The Scottish Language Award (Understanding and Communication) Mr Hall - Miss Rodden Miss Rodden's Room Continuation Activity.  This activity will introduce you to the Scots Language.  You’ll find out exactly what Scots is, and where Orkney dialect fits in.  We’ll be looking at some media texts from YouTube and Radio Scotland, as well as The Giddy Limit, one or two Scots songs,  and some written texts.  You don’t have to consider yourself to be Scottish or Orcadian to do this activity.  It is ideal for anyone who is interested in languages, song, media or heritage.  The activity can also give you a unique, brand new SQA qualification and up to 12 extra SCQF points to put on your CV.  This will be especially useful if you’re thinking of studying English, Music, Literature, History, Media or Modern Languages.  It’s up to you whether you’d like to do the short assessments or not.
Traditional Music Band Miss Eunson Music Dept. Open to any pupil who plays or has an interest in Scottish Traditional Music.  Learn a variety of traditional tunes, arrange them into sets and perform as part of a group. See Miss Eunson for details
Young Enterprise Mrs Crichton and Mrs MacLeod Business Studies Dept S6 Only.  Continuation from last term only.