Eco Schools

Friday afternoons in Stromness Academy are a hive of industry in our Eco schools activity group. This group has been running for a number of years now, its purpose being to promote an awareness of our environment and what we can do, as a school and community to reduce our impact upon natural cycles and systems.
To date, pupils have completed a variety of projects including tree planting in the school grounds, composting, planting seasonal vegetables in our raised bed area, weeding and planting flower tubs, actively promoting recycling of materials within the school, reducing the amount of litter (including keeping our surroundings litter-free) and re-using materials wherever possible.
This year, we are planning on building a greenhouse out of plastic bottles for the courtyard, painting our recycled flower pots, re-planting our raised beds with winter greens, and planning our small plot of land which we have been allocated.
Stromness Academy achieved Silver status last year, 2013, and as a school, we are now working towards attaining the internationally- recognised award known as the Green Flag.

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Composting – new soil from organic waste

Each year, pupils in the Eco-schools group plan and deliver a school assembly to all year groups. This assembly takes place during Environmental Awareness week.

This mural was made using some of the litter generated in one day at the Academy

Turning old into new, pupils making a stool out of plastic bottles

Our Eco Tree – where staff comment on what they are doing to reduce, re-use and recycle to promote a sustainable environment