Emergency Procedures

These procedures apply at all times outwith the school day (3.15pm – 8.30am) and at weekends and holiday periods when the school is being used by the community.

Assembly Area : The fire assembly area is in the Main Car Park.

Fire Alarm : The alarm signal will be given by the main school fire alarm siren.

Evacuation procedure : In the event of the fire alarm sounding the following procedure must be strictly adhered to by all groups using the building.
a. The person in charge of the group will ask group members to assemble at the room door.
b. The person in charge will appoint a member of the group to remain at the rear of the line with instructions to shout forward if there is any problem. The person in charge will then lead the group out of the room into the corridor. When all members are out of the room the person at the rear of the line will check that the room is empty, close the door, and resume his/her position at the rear of the line. The person in charge will lead the group to the nearest safe exit.
c. Once in the clear the person in charge will deliver the group to the Car Park, where they will remain in their groups.
d. The person in charge will check that all group members are present. The group will remain as such until the Duty Steward has checked that all members are accounted for.
e. The Duty Steward will complete the check to ensure that all groups have evacuated the building.
f. No group or member of a group must return to the building until the duty steward has indicated that the emergency is over. When instructed to do so, the persons in charge will escort their group back into the building through the Main Entrance and to the room from which they came.

S Crawford
Business Manager