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Religious & Moral Education


  • Miss A Lidwell (PT)
  • Mr O Grieve
  • Mr G Shearer
  • Mrs C Groundwater


“The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates

Behind our teaching of RME lies the principle that becoming a responsible member of society must involve knowledge, understanding and evaluation of one’s own culture and outlook and that of others. Religion continues to play a vital role in the lives of many, and everyone, irrespective of their beliefs, must make moral decisions. Philosophy can help us to think about the big questions in life.

In RME we explore our own ideas and opinions on a variety of different religious, moral, and philosophical topics and issues. We will also develop an understanding of the beliefs and values of others within Scottish Society, from both religious and non-religious viewpoints. RME prepares pupils for life in an ever-changing multicultural and global community where everyone is a citizen.

We employ a range of teaching methods including direct teacher led lessons, group work, ICT, investigation, discussion, and debate. Pupils also have the opportunity to engage with visiting speakers and contribute to their local community through the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative.



We have one well equipped classroom and the Social Subjects base for staff and pupil work.



BGE S1 – S3

Professor Joe Goldblatt with S2, 2019


What is religion?
World Religions Investigation
Christianity in Scotland





Are environmental issues moral issues?
Christianity – Jesus
The Holocaust
Life and Death


Philosophy according to the Simpsons
Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)


Youth Philanthropy Initiative Winners – 2019 Advocacy Orkney

Christianity Morality and Charity
Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)

Dead Right/ Wrong
Capital Punishment


The door is always open to pupils who want to discuss any topic in more detail or to clarify any complex or contentious issues.


YPI Scotland

RME LeanPath Guide

Mental Health Resources & Support

Results Support

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