Finding Non-Fiction

Information Books are arranged in a different way to Fiction. On the shelves they are grouped by subject using the Dewey Decimal Classification system.
Each subject is given a number called a Dewey Number. Each book is given the number which relates to its subject.
For example:

  • Religion = 200
  • Cars = 629.2
  • Football = 796.334

This number is on the SPINE of the book. This will help you locate books on the shelves AND to put them back in the CORRECT place.

Here are the main non-fiction topic numbers:
000-099 General works
100-199 Philosophy
200-299 Religion
300-399 Social Studies
400-499 Languages
500-599 Science
600-699 Technology
700-799 Arts & Sport
800-899 Literature
900-999 Geography & History