Library-based Courses

The School Librarian facilitiates several library induction and information literacy skills courses.

S1 Library & Information Skills - Covers basic library induction (behaviour expectations; Borrwing books; layout); Fiction Books (What is fiction; alphabetical order; finding fiction; choosing fiction); Finding & Using Information (Non-fcition books; Dewey classification; using catalogue; Keywords; encyclopedias; internet; referencing & bibliography)

S1 Ancient Civilisations - Covers reading skills; encyclopedias; internet; planning & notemaking

S1 Environment - Planning

S2 Library & Information Literacy Skills - Revises and expands on skills learnt during the S1 course.

S2 Local Studies - Introduction to the 'Orkney Collection' books and project resources in preparation for the 'Fereday Project'.

S2 Earth Forces Project - Notemaking; Planning