S1 Art & Design

S1 Course

The S1 course is the first of a 3 year broad general course wherein we lay the ground work of the experiences and outcomes associated with the art and design area of the Expressive Arts. Pupils are taught in practical groups of twenty or less in an open plan environment. Pupils will experience working individually and in groups.

Throughout the course, pupils develop their understanding of the visual elements of colour, line, pattern, tone, texture, shape and form and how to use their properties in their own work. Pupils will begin to learn about composition.

A variety of media and technologies is explored in 2D and 3D. This includes the traditional materials of pencil, charcoal, pastel and paint but printing techniques, mixed media, collage and 3D sculpting and construction materials may also form a part of projects and course work.

Skills in drawing accurately through observation and control are taught throughout the S1 course and developing strengths in this skill creates self- confidence for pupils.
Problem solving and communication of ideas is developed through teaching aspects of a design process using simple design briefs.

Interdisciplinary projects are also often used to link learning with other subjects and to widen the horizons of pupils’ imagination as they learn to understand how to develop ideas.
Pupils are encouraged to discuss and evaluate their own work and the work of others and to recognise strengths and weaknesses through this constructive experience, in order to improve their skills and understanding of standards. They also are exposed to the work of other historical and contemporary artists and designers and begin to learn how to comment on and analyse their work.

Pupils’ work is regularly exhibited around the department and school in many and varied displays.