S3 Art & Design

Creativity continues to be increasingly important and sought after in this visual world and the development of learners’ creativity is the main focus of all Art and Design courses

Creative skills covered and developed in the S3 Art and Design courses include:

• generating ideas by applying your imagination
• taking risks in your work
• observing and recording accurately through drawing
• team work
• thinking, questioning and analysing
• experimenting with multiple possibilities
• developing practical expertise in handling different materials in 2D and 3D
• reflecting on and self assessing your own work and the work of others
• producing outcomes
• presentation

The course builds on learners’ prior experiences, outcomes and achievements from S1 and S2 also providing opportunities to develop or consolidate other skills for life, learning and work including literacy skills, numeracy and health and well being.

The breadth and depth of work covered in the Expressive, Design and Critical areas of the S3 course will give learners the confidence and ability to progress to National 4 and National 5 level courses in S4.