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Young Enterprise Scotland (YES) is Scotland's leading business skills provider for aspiring young people. At Stromness Academy, each year a group of 6th year pupils choose to enter the YES Company Programme as their Friday afternoon activity. Participants learn valuable business concepts such as accounting, competition, marketing, pricing, productivity and profit, as well as vital skills such as estimating, interpreting data, negotiating, problem solving, research, reporting, selling and teamwork. Further details of the Company Programme and other programmes run by YES can be found on the YES website During the year students set up their own YE company, sell stock, produce a product, market a product or service and maintain financial records. Each student will have a specific role in the company ie: Managing Director, Finance Director, Production Director and so on. In Spring, the companies set up by Stromness Academy, Kirkwall Grammar School and Orkney College meet in the Orkney Area finals. The students enter a report of their experiences including the financial results of their enterprise. The Area winners go on to the Scottish National finals in June and the National winners then go to the UK finals in July.
Details of the Stromness Academy Young Enterprise Companies can be found using the links below or via the menu at the top of this page.

OYA Designs

Stromness Jewels
This Young Enterprise Company have worked hard to creat a product: A Powerpoint of Friday Activities. This was negotiated and commissioned by the school and is displayed on the Foyer Screen.
In Spring, they went on to run a Frock Exchange, an innovative event popular inAmerica. It involved press publicity and Parent Council involvement, culminating in the Exchange in Stenness Hall on 8th March.

This year's company, Stromnavoe, decided to create a product based on the very successful Fereday Prize.
This involved collating and editiong a publication of several Fereday Projects, which featured the local history of the West Mainland.
During and after a launch event, sales were excellent. This quality product was very well received by families and the general public.
Stromnavoe won Best Website and Best tradestand at the Orkney Presentation Evening, held in Orkney College in April 2008.

This year there are 2 Young Enterprise companies within Stromness Academy - OKNY and Drift.
OKNY are promoting awareness of healthy lifestyles and the dangers of obesity. They are marketing sports goods with healthy message slogans. They organised the CommonHealth Games at the Pickaquoy Centre on February 12th where members of the public were able to learn about and take part in various sports. This was followed in the evening by a "Ready Steady Cook" competition between local chefs from The Creel and The Foveran. Over 2000 people attended the day's events.
OKNY won the prize for Best Report at the Orkney Finals on March 29.
OKNY logo

Drift have successfully manufactured and sold a range of contemporary jewelry, but have chosen not to take part in the competition.

Orkney Aye
April 2006 marked the 10th anniversary of the death of George Mackay Brown, who could be seen as one of the most influential Orcadian writers of the 20th century. In order to commemorate his work, Orkney Aye have produced an audio CD of a collection of his poems and short stories, including some read by George Mackay Brown himself.
The CD was launched on Tuesday 18 April. An inlay accompanies the CD giving information about George Mackay Brown and the works included.
Orkney Aye Logo

CD's can be purchased from the school and a number of local retailers for £13.99.
(email orders to:
Orkney Aye won the Orkney Area finals and came second overall in the Scottish finals in Glasgow in June, winning the Best Report category.

Shoogle marketed a food and drink directory of Orkney called "Eating Out in Orkney", primarily for the local market. See their website for further details.
Shoogle won the Orkney area finals and came second in the Scottish finals in Edinburgh in June.
Shoogle Directory Cover

Orkney Ink
YES magazine articles:
'Judgement Day' Oct 2004
'Judgement Day' - photo only
'Judgement Day' - text only
'Stop Press' Oct 2004
'Stop Press' - text only

Orkney Ink won the Scottish National Final and achieved second place in the UK finals. Their product was a tourist guide entitled "A Week in Orkney". See their website and YES magazine articles for further details.
Front cover of "A Week in Orkney"