Care of Books

Remember that when you use or borrow books from the library you are using someone else's property. You MUST take good care of them. Lost or damaged books must be paid for or replaced with editions that are in very good or excellent condition.

  • Keep food and drink away from books.
  • DO NOT write on them.
  • Don't fold corners of pages over to keep your place. USE A BOOKMARK - Bookmarks are available from the Issue Desk.
  • Do not bend books might break the binding (cover).
  • Don’t get them wet.


  • Try to keep books upright.
  • Do not try to jam them in, loosen the book rest if you need to.
  • Do not push any other books down the back of the shelves.

If you try and stick to these few rules, books will last longer, and you won't find yourself with a bill asking you to pay for the cost of replacement.
REMEMBER...Make sure you don’t get done for cruelty to books!