Parent Council

In 2007, a new Parent Council was established in Stromness Academy. Representatives from parents of pupils in each year group were nominated to form the new Parent Council. Since then additional co-opted members have joined.

The Parent Council represents the wide membership of the Parent Forum (all parents of pupils at Stromness Academy), and are appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

Parents who are on the Parent Council are:
Office Bearers:
Chair: Kate Carmichael
Vice Chair: Jane Beckwith
Treasurer: Fiona Towrie

Carmel McElroy
Rob Crichton
Derek Johnston
Helen Wailoo
Jane Beckwith
Joe Horrocks
Kate Carmichael
Kate Thompson
Linda Hall
Lorraine Sharpe
Derek Johnston
Emma-Jane Rendall
Karen Bevilacqua
Kate Shiner
Kathryn Wilson
Kerry Spence
Kirstie Moar
Melanie Johansen
Moira Flett
Rosie Paulo
Sally Bell
Steven Tulloch

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The minutes of each meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link below

Parent Council Minutes

January 19th 2017
April 27th 2017
June 29th 2017
August 30th 2017
September 28th 2017
November 8th 2017

January 11th 2018
March 14th 2018
May 30th 2018
June 14th 2018
August 30th 2018
November 6th 2018

February 6th 2019

ELH draft anti-bullying policy

Draft ELH Anti Bullying Policy - January 9th 2018

AGM Minutes

AGM June 29th 2017
AGM June 14th 2018

Stromness Academy Constitution