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Art & Design


  • Mrs B. Johnstone (PT)
  • Mrs O. MacPherson


Our department is made up of two ground floor open plan classrooms plus a balcony class area primarily used for AH pupils.

There is also a multi-use classroom with electric kiln and overhead projector facilities.

A flat bed printing press is situated on the balcony along with two PCs.


Course Choice 2021-22


Art and Design BGE 2021-22

Senior Phase S4-6

Art and Design N4 2021-22

Art and Design N5 2021-22

Art and Design H 2021-22

Art and Design AH 2021-22

Photography Higher 2021-22



The S1 course covers the development of skills in:

  • Observational and accurate drawing
  • Understanding the qualities of different media and technologies and learning how to use and control them.
  • Expressing ideas using the visual elements of colour, tone, shape, line, pattern, texture and form.
  • Working to a simple design brief and using the design process of investigation, development of ideas and the creation of a final solution.
  • Gaining confidence in expressing verbally personal opinions and ideas and analysis about pupil’s own work and the work of other artists and designers.
  • Presenting and displaying their work.


The S2 course continues the pupil’s development and confidence of the skills achieved in S1.

Course content covers expressive and design work but themes and sources will vary and take into account local projects, possible IDLs, visiting artists and competitions. The course is always structured within the boundaries of level 3-4 outcomes and the strengths and skills of art staff is also taken into consideration.

Both courses culminate in the Art/Music IDL of the creation of band competition posters, which pupils make to promote their class songs and performance at the end of term Band Competition. These designs are displayed around the school in advance of the competition.


The S3 BGE course has continued to evolve since its conception and now takes the form of two main bodies of work which mirrors the structure of the National 5 course but not the weight of work.

In the first Expressive unit pupils build and progress observational drawing skills from S2, putting more time and care into the improvement of accuracy and control, while gaining more confidence in understanding the qualities of different media. The study of other artists and their work is used to extend critical skills and the study of art practice.

The expressive course covers the techniques of still life composition and development of a pupils’ creativity within a theme extending their confidence in painting, soft pastel, water colour and other media. Self- evaluation and annotation is key at this level and is expected that pupils learn to constructively criticise and analyse their own strengths and weaknesses.3D work is also often undertaken.

The design element of the course is structured to allow pupils the opportunity to problem solve using a design brief. In this course investigation of a theme, market research and material research are explored followed by development of creative ideas finishing with a 3D final outcome. Again critical work looking at designers is part of this course.

The S3 course has been structured to raise attainment and create confidence in visual skills, creativity, problem solving and improving fine motor skills.


Senior Phase S4-S6 (SQA)

National 4 Art & Design AH Art & Design – Expressive
National 5 Art & Design AH Art & Design – Design
Higher Art & Design Portfolio support in application to Art schools/colleges
Higher Photography





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