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The last day of term at the Academy saw brilliant performances from our pupils at their annual BAND COMP – celebrating 40 years this year! Well done to all staff and pupils involved and have a great summer holiday!

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  • Mrs A. Kilpatrick (PT)
  • Mrs S. Ferguson
  • Mrs A. Houston


The Biology department offers a range of courses from Nat 5 to Advanced Higher. We support the delivery of the S1 and S2 BGE science curriculum through specialist biology units, and also deliver the N4 course to senior students. The department offers a range of extra curricular opportunities, from study support to field trips, the CREST award and various STEM competitions run by the Royal Society of Biology, Royal Microbiological Society and the Scottish Rural College.

We have 2 fully resourced labs, and place a high priority on using practical work to illustrate biological processes, as well as allowing our students to develop essential practical skills which will help them progress through BGE to National 4, 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses.

We use a range of teaching and learning styles in the delivery of our courses, with a strong emphasis on group and practical work to develop problem solving and analytical skills.


BGE S1 – 3

S1 Biology Units

  • Understanding Cells – structure and function of cells; microscopes; microorganisms and how they grow
  • Diversity of Life – classification of plants and animals; how to sample plants and animals in our environment; food webs and feeding relationships

S2 Biology Units

  • Body Systems – understanding our major organ systems (circulation/digestion/reproduction)
  • Plants – anatomy of plants, how they grow and reproduce; importance of plants for food, crops, materials and medicines

S3 Biology Units

  • Behaviour and Adaptations
  • Variation and Genetics
  • Cells and Microbiology
  • Human Biology

Biology BGE
Science N4

Senior Phase S4-6

National 5

Students will have completed the S3 biology course, and literacy/numeracy skills at National 5 level are needed to complete this course successfully.

  • Unit 1- Cell Biology
  • Unit 2- Multicellular Organisms
  • Unit 3- Life on Earth

Assessment is via a 2.5 hour exam and a structured practical assignment which is 20% of the final grade.

Biology N5

Higher Biology

Students will be expected to have achieved A-C in Nat 5 biology, and literacy/numeracy skills at higher level are essential.

  • Unit 1- DNA and The Genome
  • Unit 2-Metabolism and Survival
  • Unit 3- Sustainability and Development

Assessment is via a 1.5 hour multiple choice exam, a 2.5 hour structured exam and a structured practical assignment.

Advanced Higher Biology

Students will be expected to have achieved A-C at Higher level, with the equivalent advanced higher level skills in literacy/numeracy.

  • Unit 1- Cells and Proteins
  • Unit 2- Organisms and Evolution
  • Investigative Biology

Assessment is via a 3 hour exam and a practical project of the students’ choice.

Biology Higher

Biology AH

Senior Phase S4-6 (SQA)

National 4 Higher
National 5 Advanced Higher

Extra Curricular



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