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2 weeks ago

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The last day of term at the Academy saw brilliant performances from our pupils at their annual BAND COMP – celebrating 40 years this year! Well done to all staff and pupils involved and have a great summer holiday!

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Mr P. Barber

Depute Headteachers

Ms. B. Hegarty
Mrs R. Wild

Business Manager
Mr G. Horne

Art & Design
Mr O. Smith – Principal Teacher
Mrs O. MacPherson

Business Studies & Computing
Mrs M. McBean – Principal Teacher
Mrs S. MacLeod
Mr R. Beauvois (Computing)

Mrs J. Hunter – Principal Teacher
Ms E. Grieve
Mr M. McGeary
Mr M. Powell

Ms A. Lidwell – Principal Teacher
Mr O. Grieve

Mrs M. Johansen – Guidance Manager
Mrs C. McGeary – Principal Teacher
Ms H. Murray – Principal Teacher

Ms. C. Groundwater – Principal Teacher

Home Economics
Ms E. Barclay
Ms J. Ellison
Mrs G. Tait

Mrs H. Wailoo – Principal Teacher
Ms M. Dunn

Mrs A. Mowat – Principal Teacher
Mr A. Thompson

Mr R. Brown – Principal Teacher
Ms K. Fletcher

Mr H. Flett – Principal Teacher
Ms S. Ewen
Mr M. Drake

*As Geography & History

Mrs. A Kilpatrick – Principal Teacher Biology
Mr N. Blance – Principal Teacher Physics
Miss M. Costello – Principal Teacher Chemistry
Mr P. Barber
Mrs S. Ferguson
Mrs B. Hegarty
Mrs A. Houston
Mr L. Ferguson

Support for Learning
Mrs J. Nixon – Principal Teacher
Ms C. McCulloch
Ms G. Harcus

Support for Learning Assistants
Mrs C. Stevenson
Mrs. L. Lea
Mrs S. Thomson

Vacant – Principal Teacher
Ms J. McConnell
Mr A. Scott

Mrs F. Sinclair

Mrs T. Dick
Mrs K. Thomson
Miss P. Heddle

Mrs L. Leitch

Mr I. Kennedy
Mr J. McCaig
Mr C. Park

Mr M. Waters – Senior Janitor
Mr A. Reid

Canteen Supervisor
Mrs I. Hutchison

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