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**We are hoping the return to school from 22nd February for a few students goes well across the country and we will then be allowed to welcome more pupils back into school on the 15th of March.  

If this is the case, we will delay the submission deadline until just after that point to enable students to be able to talk to their teachers.  

Please do not worry about meeting previously published deadlines in the documents below for submitting choices. We will publish updated deadlines after next major government announcement on 2nd March.** 

Course Choice Info Evening Talk S2    

S2 into S3 Option Choices Summary Document

Course Choice Info Evening Talk S3-S5   

Senior Phase Option Choices Summary Document

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Admin and IT BGE 2021-22

Art and Design BGE 2021-22

Biology BGE 2021-22

Business BGE 2021-22

Chemistry BGE 2021 – 22

Computing BGE 2021-22

Design and Technology BGE 2021-22

English S3 2021-22

Fashion & Textile BGE 2021-22

Food Technology BGE 2021-22

Geography BGE 2021-22

History BGE 2021-22

Mathematics BGE 2021-22

Modern Language 1st Choice BGE 2020-21

Modern Language 2nd choice BGE 2020-21

Music BGE 2021-22

Physical Education elective 2021-22

Physics BGE 2021-22

Practical Craft Skills BGE 2021-22

Princes Trust S3 2021-22

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Senior Phase

Options for Senior Phase Students at Orkney College UHI 2021-22

Accounting N5 2021-22

Accounting H 2021-22

Admin and IT N4 & N5 2021-22

Admin & IT H 2021-22

Art and Design N4 2021-22

Art and Design N5 2021-22

Art and Design H 2021-22

Art and Design AH 2021-22

Biology N5 2021-22

Biology Higher 2021-22

Biology AH 2021-22

Business N4 & N5 2021-22

Business Management H 2021-22

Chemistry N5 2021 -22

Chemistry H 2021 – 22

Chemistry AH 2021 – 22

Computing N4 & N5 2021-22

Computing H 2021-22

Computing AH 2021-22

Engineering Science N4 & N5 2021-22

Engineering Science H 2021-22

English N4 & N5 2021-22

English H 2021-22

English AH 2021-22

Fashion and Textiles N4 & N5 H 2021-22

French German N4 & N5 2021-22

French German H & AH 2021-22

Geography N4 N5 2021-22

Geography H 2021-22

Geography AH 2021-22

Graphic Communication N4 & N5 2021-22

Graphic Communication H 2021-22

History N4 N5 2021-22

History AH 2021-22

History Higher 2021-22

Hospitality N4 & N5 2021-22

Maths Applications N4 & N5 2021-22

Maths N4 2021-22

Maths N5 2021-22

Maths H 2021-22

Maths AH 2021-22

Modern Studies H 2021-22

Music Performing N5 2021-22

Music Performing Higher 2021-22

Music Performing Advanced Higher 2021-22

Music Technology N5  2021-22

Music Technology Higher  2021-22

Music Technology AH 2020-21

Photography Higher 2021-22

Physical Education N5 2021-22

Physical Education H 2021-22

Physical Education AH 2021-22

Physical Education Sports Leadership

Physics N5 2021-22

Physics Higher 2021-22

Physics AH 2021-22

Practical Metalworking N4 & N5 2021-22

Practical Woodworking N4 & N5 2021-22

Princes Trust L4 2021-22

Science N4 2021 – 22

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