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Dynamic Youth & Youth Achievement

Youth Achievement Awards Youth Scotland were first piloted in the school by School Librarian and Award Group Worker, Frances Sinclair in 2010. Since then Dynamic Youth Awards for younger pupils were also introduced for library-based activities and the PE Department / Guidance coordinate them for the S2 Hoy trips.

These awards allow pupils to be recognised and accredited for the activities they take part in, both in and out of school. Both are peer assessed and work on a Plan – Do – Review basis where young people plan and / or organise their own activities, take part in them and review / evaluate their own progress.

The Awards
Dynamic Youth Awards are for young people aged 10 – 14 years old. Youth Achievement Awards are for young people aged 14+. Both allow young people be recognised for the activities they take part in (volunteering; school trips; sports; music; etc.). The awards allow for:

  • Taking responsibility for learning
  • Peer assessment
  • Personalisation & choice
  • Creative evidencing
  • Measuring individual achievement

Pupils take responsibility for their own planning; learning; evidence collecting and portfolio preparation with the support of their peers and an Award Group Worker.

Both awards are placed on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

Dynamic Youth Award (Age 10+) = TAKING PART

Award Level    Hours
One star          5-15
Two star          15-30
Three star       30-100
Four star         100-250
Five star          250+

Youth Achievement Award (Age 14+)

Bronze = taking part
TAKING PART 60hrs (Four 15-hour Challenges)

SCQF level 4 (National 4)

Silver = assisting and sharing responsibility with others
HELPING ORGANISE 90hrs (Six 15-hour Challenges)

SCQF level 5 (National 5)

Gold = young people taking individual responsibility to organise and lead
ORGANISING & LEADING 120hrs (7x 15-hour Challenges + Presentation)

SCQF level 6 (Higher)

Platinum = undertaking training and creating learning opportunities for others. (Min age = 16)

SCQF level 7 (Advanced Higher)


Dynamic Youth Awards as prior learning for the Bronze Youth Achievement Award

  • If you have completed 10 hours or more of Dynamic Youth Awards within the past 2 years you will only need to complete 3 or more Challenges.
  • If you have completed 20 hours or more of Dynamic Youth Awards within the past 2 years you will only need to complete 2 or more Challenges.

Hours you have completed within the past 2 years can count towards your Bronze Award total hours up to a maximum of 30.

If you have successfully completed a Dynamic Youth Award you may be able to use this towards your Bronze Youth Achievement Award.

Award Group = your peers
(Friends and / or other people doing the award)

  • Help each other to develop an individual plan of action and to approve each other’s plan
  • Support and encourage each other to complete their individual plans of action
  • Assist in reviewing each other’s achievements and learning
  • Take part in the peer assessment process
  • Recommend completed challenges to the award group worker for certification

Community Learning and Development Links (OIC)

Dynamic Youth Awards

Youth Achievement Awards


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