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SWISS TRIP 2024Parents, please check emails regarding a Swiss trip letter. This has crucial dates and amounts regarding final payments, GHIC/EHIC cards, kit lists, itinerary and other important information. If you do not receive this letter, please contact the school office who will update your email address on our system and ensure you get a copy. A copy has also been added to the Microsoft Team that your child is a member of, should you or they need it. There will also be a parents information evening for the trip during the week beginning 18th March. An update of confirmed times and location will come in due course.Thank you.

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January – June 2024

Events in February–April 2024

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29th January 2024
30th January 2024
31st January 2024


1st February 2024
2nd February 2024
3rd February 2024
4th February 2024
5th February 2024
6th February 2024
7th February 2024
8th February 2024
9th February 2024
10th February 2024
11th February 2024
12th February 2024
13th February 2024
14th February 2024
15th February 2024
16th February 2024
17th February 2024
18th February 2024
19th February 2024
20th February 2024
21st February 2024
22nd February 2024
23rd February 2024
24th February 2024
25th February 2024
26th February 2024
27th February 2024
28th February 2024
29th February 2024


1st March 2024
2nd March 2024
3rd March 2024
4th March 2024
5th March 2024(1 event)

1:15 pm: World Book Day (Library)

5th March 2024

6th March 2024
7th March 2024
8th March 2024
9th March 2024
10th March 2024
11th March 2024
12th March 2024
13th March 2024
14th March 2024
15th March 2024
16th March 2024
17th March 2024
18th March 2024
19th March 2024
20th March 2024
21st March 2024
22nd March 2024
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25th March 2024
26th March 2024
27th March 2024
28th March 2024
29th March 2024
30th March 2024
31st March 2024


1st April 2024
2nd April 2024
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4th April 2024
5th April 2024
6th April 2024
7th April 2024
8th April 2024
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10th April 2024
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12th April 2024
13th April 2024
14th April 2024
15th April 2024
16th April 2024
17th April 2024
18th April 2024
19th April 2024
20th April 2024
21st April 2024
22nd April 2024
23rd April 2024
24th April 2024
25th April 2024
26th April 2024
27th April 2024
28th April 2024
29th April 2024
30th April 2024


1st May 2024
2nd May 2024
3rd May 2024
4th May 2024
5th May 2024


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